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Financial Assistance

Disability Allowance

Disability Allowance is a weekly payment for people who have regular, ongoing costs because of a physical or mental disability that is likely to last at least 6 months, including Equine Assisted Learning sessions.
You don't have to be on a benefit to qualify for a Disability Allowance.



Extraordinary Care Fund
Work and Income provide an Extraordinary Care fund which is for carers to help support a child in their care who is showing promise in a particular area or experiencing difficulties that are significantly impacting on their development.
To contact them call: 0800 559 009

Ōranga Tamariki

Ōranga Tamariki offers financial assistance for support for foster carers and their tamariki.
To contact them call: 0508 227 377 or for more information click here.

Victim Support

Families of homicide victims and victims of sexual violence and serious crimes may be able to get a financial grant to cover the cost of counselling sessions through Victim Support.
To contact Victim Support call: 0800 842 846 or for more information click here.

HRU Sponsorship

We offer full sponsorship on a case by case basis. 
Click the link below to find out more!

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