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Principal Kim Theyers Westown Primary School quote
"Your programme is extremely beneficial. The twin brother and sister loved coming. We have seen a huge increase in their self-esteem and confidence in this time. They are always full of chatter about the amazing things they have done with you and the horses after their visit. I believe they are much calmer and more willing to give new things a go. Both students have stepped up big time as leaders in our school this year. They are both fantastic with younger students and I believe this is partly due to the Equine Therapy. I believe also it has made them closer and stronger in their trust of each other"


Amy & Diane 

My daughter has always been put in the ‘too hard basket’ by mental health.  Equine therapy has provided her with a way of learning about her emotions, how to connect those emotions to the feelings in her body and how to respond.  Over time we have attended Equine therapy with Nik, Billie and Ted I have seen many positive changes in Amy as a young person who has complex needs and has experienced trauma.  She is more confident, relaxed and better able to negotiate the world around her.  I am also thankful for how equine therapy strengthened our relationship.   I believe I gained as much out of the sessions as Amy did.

Nik and XXX are skilful at engaging and building relationships.  They work as a team and are in tune with the horses. I appreciated that they were willing to talk about the tough stuff and respectfully followed my values and beliefs in how I parent Amy.  I happily recommend them to other families and professionals I come into contact with. 


From Amy:

I love equine therapy with Nik, XXX and Ted.  We have lots of fun.  I learnt to keep calm and tell myself “I’m Ok”.  Ted is a good listener and he likes Kenny Rogers too.

Straight from the Horses Mouth 

Some of the cards we have received. 







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