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Horse Powered Reading and Maths

Where you can connect, explore, grow and grow. 


 Where horses and education come together.


We are so excited to bring this new programme to you. Where horses and education come together. 
This programme opens up reading on a whole new level. It is designed to unlock all the blocks that get in the way of success with reading. Whether you are young, old, in-between or if English is your second language, this is a programme to teach you reading strategies that build your decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills; problem-solving, team building, and success!. We can cater for individuals, groups and school groups.


Reading and Maths Sessions 

We are now offering Horse Powered Reading and Maths sessions.

Horses R Us Nz will be following the prescribed hygiene and social distancing protocols to help us all stay safe. The horses, however, are looking forward to cuddles and love.

Prices are negotiable, as we know this is a trying time for all. The horses and I are looking forward to welcoming children of all ages to fun-filled, constructive outdoor reading lessons.

Bookings are now open. Please click on the links below for more information or contact me personally.

Watch the clip below  on Horses Powered Reading 

Check out Horse Powered Reading site 

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